Dance, Franny, Dance – RIP Floyd Dakil

Floyd Dakil and the Pitmen

I am sorry to say we recently learned of the passing of Floyd Dakil. Our condolences to Floyd’s family and friends.

Although we had not announced it yet- Floyd was scheduled to appear at the next Ponderosa Stomp. We would like to pay tribute the only way we know how- with one of his greatest tracks “Dance, Franny, Dance.”

From his Stomp bio:
Texas rocker Floyd Dakil started out as an adolescent wild man, forming his Floyd Dakil Combo with five other high school sophomores in 1963. In 1964, the combo recorded their first and best-known single for the Jetstar label, the regional hit “Dance, Franny, Dance,” live in front of a crowd at the Pit Club, where they were the house band. They were clean-cut teens in sharp suits who played savage, crazy and loose dance music that still stands out today as one of the hottest sounds to come out of the happening Dallas-Fort Worth ‘60s garage scene. In 1969 Dakil joined Louis Prima’s band as a guitarist and stayed for several years.

Pit Club Card

Floyd Dakil

Vintage photos courtesy of Floyd Dakil’s MySpace Page

3 thoughts on “Dance, Franny, Dance – RIP Floyd Dakil”

  1. ……Just an old girl friend from TJ and college days, alot of good times ,not sure if his Mom ,or cousin Al, Linda are still living. My prayers are with his wife and children, just very sad.

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