The Crowing Rooster Blues – Song of the Day


the crowing rooster blues is an incredible record. it is the only commercially recorded accordion blues record made in mississippi in the 1920s. the record was recorded on december 10,1927. it features the nasty raw accordion and vocals of walter rhodes backed by the intricate guitar work of pet and can. pet and can were brothers maylon and richard harney. richard harney was considered robert johnson`s equal on guitar. after mayon (pet ) died, richard (can) developed the ability to play both his own and his late brother`s guitar parts. his abilities to play multiple parts made him a legend in the delta. richard harney made his living as a riano tuner.

the crowing rooster blues allegedly influenced charley patton to create the banty rooster blues.

Karate Time – Song of the Day

my favorite instrumental by travis wammack. a teen guitar prodigy who played with eddie bond and billy lee riley. he then went to muscle shoals. duane allman tried to recruit him to join the allman brothers.

Did You Mean Jellybean, What You Said, Cabbage Head – Song of the Day

monster rockabilly from joe clay. it was cut in new york city with the incomparable mickey baker on guitar.

Adcock brings The Promised Land to the Louisiana State Museum for Ponderosa Stomp Friday

“Louisiana is the only place in the world you can knock on your heroes’ doors and they receive you with open arms. … Sometimes you can even start bands with them.”– C.C. Adcock Fresh off a tour that took his swamp-pop supergroup Lil’ Band o’ Gold to the Australian outback, guitarist C.C. Adcock is the … Continue reading Adcock brings The Promised Land to the Louisiana State Museum for Ponderosa Stomp Friday

You’re Gonna Miss Me – Song of the Day

here is an early version of you`re gonna miss me. the song was written by roky erickson under the alias emil schwartzie and was originally done by the spades, roky`s first band. it was then redone by roky when he joined up with tommy hall and the lingsmen to form the 13th floor elevators.