Stompers Alison and Lefty’s New Orleans Bounce Showcase steals the show at SXSW

Big Freddia
Big Freddia
Jon Pareles in the NY Times “Spilling Beyond a Festival’s Main Courses

Still, one of the best events at the (SXSW) festival was one of the most basic: a showcase of New Orleans bounce, the raunchy, local hip-hop style that developed in the 1990s but is only now escaping its hometown. The beat is fast, syncopated and relentless, and bounce fans know exactly what it’s for: shaking rumps at high speed. Katey Red, a tall transsexual in a black sequined dress and high heels, rattled off rhymes about sex and prostitution. No subtlety was necessary.

Pareles also reviewed the Bounce Showcase on his bog. SXSW: Do the Monkey on a Stick – NY Times Blog

“Let Me See that Sissy Bounce.” Big Freddia interview in the Austin Chronicle.

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