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Scene Report: Pee Wee Guidry & the Country Boys featuring Joe Timmons

I had been seeing these guys’ names in the paper for awhile now, playing in Kenner and Metairie, and have been intrigued: Pee Wee Guidry & the Country Boys featuring Joe Timmons.

I saw where Pee Wee has played with pianist/singer Kenny “L” Lachney, according to Kenny L’s bio page for the West Bank Musicians Hall of Fame induction class of 2007. Kenny L ain’t perfect, but he can be a welcome oasis these days in the dying world of classic local R&B/swamp pop, and I’d seen him countless times backing Bobby Lonero during Lonero’s yearlong stint at the Third Rock Tavern in Kenner in 2006-07.

So with that association, I finally went and checked them out in Kenner at Dolly’s Bar on Williams Boulevard. Walked in to the strains of “Matilda.” They also did “Fool to Care,” “Sweet Dreams,” and other tunes of that ilk. A four-piece group: bass, drums, 2 guitars. Lead singer (Timmons) had the George Jones widow’s peak hairstyle going, diminished somewhat by a receding hairline. Guidry had the Charlie Daniels-style cowboy hat with a few lucky charms in the band–a feather or piece of animal fur or something.

Pretty competent musicians. They “swung” a little bit more than your average swampers like Treater. It’s a tiny setting with no cover, so the expectations weren’t high. I’d go see them again.

I must be getting old: Kenner is a lot easier to get to these days than the West Bank–and the Old Scorpio (now named Memories) has been kicking it lately (with Junior Lacrosse on Thursdays, for one, and Gary T just there last Saturday), and the Old Firemen’s Hall has reopened in Westwego, but I haven’t made it out there recently. Marrero is scary these days, and The Man is on the lookout for drunks like me–easier to deal with than the swarthier restless natives …