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On the Wall – Song of the Day

louise johnson – on the wall

louise johnson was a piano player/blues singer from the mississippi. in june 1930, charley patton took louise, willie brown and son house up to grafton , wisconsin to record for paramount records.charley had his designs on louise .when it came time to pass out the room keys, louise told son house he was staying with her.

on the wall has the great couplet “you can shake it, break it or hang it on the wall”

Bop Cat Stomp – Song of the Day

king charles-bob cat stomp great slashing guitar instrumental by charlie morris cut at eddie shuler`s goldband studio. it was released on the folk star label. charlie also cut the amazing i’m gonna kill that hen for jd miller. the record was issued on excello records by blue charlie. Image courtesy of TheHoundBlog

You Ain’t Tuff – Song of the Day

Louisiana garage nuggets style. the session was produced by dale hawkins at robin hood brien`s studio in tyler, texas. it was released on stan lewis`s paula label. singer joe stampley would go on to have success as a country singer.

The Crowing Rooster Blues – Song of the Day

the crowing rooster blues is an incredible record. it is the only commercially recorded accordion blues record made in mississippi in the 1920s. the record was recorded on december 10,1927. it features the nasty raw accordion and vocals of walter rhodes backed by the intricate guitar work of pet and can. pet and can were … Continue reading The Crowing Rooster Blues – Song of the Day

Karate Time – Song of the Day

my favorite instrumental by travis wammack. a teen guitar prodigy who played with eddie bond and billy lee riley. he then went to muscle shoals. duane allman tried to recruit him to join the allman brothers.