Blues-harmonica smackdown (strictly for grins): Chicago’s Billy Boy Arnold vs. Baton Rouge’s Lazy Lester

We’re thrilled that Chicago blues-harmonica god Billy Boy Arnold is returning to the Ponderosa Stomp this year for its 10th anniversary. And the Stomp, of course, is named after south Louisiana’s Lazy Lester of Excello fame. Both appeared at the inaugural Stomp and both are perennial performers at the annual blowout. We love ‘em both. But who’s your favorite? And which songs are you most looking forward to hearing them do at this year’s Stomp?

Ladies and gentlemen – strictly for grins – we present to you this blues-harmonica smackdown. In this corner of the Web (below), Billy Boy Arnold performs “I Wish You Would,” accompanied by fellow Stomp favorites Henry Gray on piano and Jody Williams on guitar:

And in this corner (below), Lazy Lester performs his “Sugar Coated Love” joined by guitarist Pee Wee Trahan and Stomp alumni Guitar Gable and Warren Storm on drums:

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